• How To Cover Dark Eye Circles Without Makeup…

    OK, this was meant to be just a little bit tongue in cheek… but actually, I’m now kind of serious!

    This is a pretty quick and effective way to lighten those dark eye circles – no real makeup involved – just glue (obviously use the right kind – not superglue!) sparkles under your eyes. Or use a glittery body paint. Just don’t go too close to your eyes – we don’t want any accidents here.

    It made me laugh at first but this can seriously be a quick 2 minute skin/beauty fix before going out at night. Just own it as if you planned it all along 🙂

  • From Black To White?

    skinExcuse the title pun. You’ll see why in a moment.

    But I’ve been talking about the benefits of chocolate, now I just wanted to talk briefly about skin and lightening products.

    These products do cause a lot of controversy (that’s what I was reading today), but personally I don’t see the problem. I don’t like the idea of people wanting to change their ethnicity, but that isn’t what this is about really is it?

    The way I understand these skin whitening products is that they simply lighten (or even just brighten) your overall skin tone. They certainly won’t change a black person into a white person. It is possible to change skin from black to white, but it takes some pretty serious specialist chemical treatments that you just cannot buy from a drug store! I don’t support that at all but that is not what this is anyway.

    So I don’t really have a problem with products like those at whiteningcreamreviews .com because they don’t do what people dislike these products for. They are also useful for people who want to get rid of marks, blemishes or other weird pigmentation things that afflict us sometimes. Like all cosmetic products you need to be careful how you use them of course (watch out for these mistakes), but if you read the instructions and be sensible I really can’t see any harm.

    I mean, these products are being used as a face whitening cream for men too, and men are usually way more cautious than women about stuff like this. Men are also far less likely to be convinced they need anything cosmetic anyway of course, which is why men generally don’t spend hours a week putting makeup on.

    I used to be more on the fence about products like this, but I guess I’ve finally fallen off on the side of “if you want to use it, then that’s fine with me”. I wouldn’t stop anyone using a whitening cream – so long as they had done their research, chosen a product that was as safe as possible and thought through how they were going to use it.

    What do you guys think?

  • Woohoo – Chocolate Is Good For You :-)

    chocolateyeahCocoa contains antioxidants to help keep your brain sharp – what better reason could there be to enjoy chocolate without the guilt. So long as it’s decent chocolate of course i.e. a lot more cocoa than sugar!

    Maintaining a healthy body and mind relies heavily on how well you are able to keep your body free from toxins. As long as you are practicing healthy eating habits and are doing everything in your power to prevent yourself from suffering from health problems then you are on the right track towards a healthy life. Right now it is important to focus on how you can take certain substances to help your overall well being, including antioxidants that can be found in cocoa. By fueling your body with antioxidants you can help your brain stay sharper and produce a more positive atmosphere for your brain so that you can think more clearly.

    The reason why people suffer from conditions such as memory fog is because they never take the time to truly consider all of the things they are putting inside of their body. Instead of neglecting your body pay attention to what it is you are putting inside. That means it is important to consider adding antioxidants to your diet. You’d be surprised at how much antioxidants can help to improve your overall health for many years in the future, it’s something that many people overlook.

    First and foremost cocoa is a natural plant that can be added to your diet. Did you know that since cocoa is full of antioxidants it can help prevent your body from being damaged from radicals that freely roam inside of your body. Everyone has things in their body that can cause them harm, but the body does what it can to destroy all if not most of the radicals inside a person’s body. By adding cocoa to your diet you will help your body in its constant fight of destroying all of the radicals inside.

    Adding cocoa to your diet is not only beneficial to your brain, it is good for the rest of your body as well. A healthy body means a healthy brain. Do what you can to add cocoa to your diet so that you can constantly have an antioxidant that is destroying all of the radicals inside. From here on out you can at least say you are regularly taking an antioxidant, which can do a lot to boost both your mood and energy levels. Spread the word about how antioxidants such as cocoa can significantly impact your body in a positive way.

    And eat chocolate without guilt 🙂